Well friends, I hate to rub it in, but since we are living it up in Thailand and getting to eat our favorite Thai dishes, I thought I would share one of my Thai staples when I'm back at home. Laab Moo - it sounds funny, but trust me, it is delicious. It's super easy to make and it's really healthy to boot! Laab also goes by the name of Larp or Larb, but I've always known it as laab. It is a popular dish from Northern Thailand as well as Laos and is a sour, spicy and refreshing meat salad. I chose to use pork, but chicken, turkey or beef also work. 
1 package of ground pork
1Tbsp of red chili flakes
1 Tbsp of peanut oil
1 Tbsp of crushed garlic
Red Thai chillies

Juice of 2 limes
3 Tbsp fish sauce
1/2 Tbsp sugar

1 whole long english cucumber cut in quarters
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
1 C. of chopped cilantro
Handful of fresh chopped basil
3 Tbsp fresh chopped mint
1 head of leaf lettuce (optional)
Handful of chopped cashews or peanuts

* First fry up the meat with the oil, garlic, chillies and chili flakes. Cook until the meat is no longer pink. *
* Next add all remaining ingredients and mix together well. *
* Let mixture stand for 20 minutes and then serve. *

Red Thai chillies really pack a punch, so if you don't like it too spicy, start with just one or two. My husband and I love it really spicy!

Now all you do is grab some chopsticks and serve as lettuce wraps with crisp leaf lettuce cashews on top for a bit of crunch. Or just eat it straight out of the bowl! 

I hope you like it!
XO Erin


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