I took a trip up to Petaluma yesterday to discover their vintage and consignment shops.  This small town is about an hour's drive north off Highway 101 in Sonoma County.  It is surrounded by farms and ranches and has a real small town feel about it.  The people here are very friendly and actually stop for you when you cross a street, something I am not used to.  It has a lot of antique stores, but many consignment clothing shops as well.  Once again, I took along my roommate, Alex, who is a great navigator with a cell phone and doesn't mind holding up dresses, shoes and purses for me to photograph.

Our first stop was Vicki's Secret (108 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA, 707-765-2807, www.vickissecret.com, vickissecret@comcast.net).  This store was amazing because it had so many contemporary designer clothes.  Prices were high, but there were some deals on their 50% rack in the back and shoes were mostly under $200.  There was no digging through racks to find that special something because each designer had its own separate area.  Some clothes were new with the tags still on them, such as a gorgeous Chanel summer dress that I'm featuring below.  I would highly recommend this store to anyone and it is worth the drive to Petaluma to check it out.

Another great thing about shopping in Petaluma is that all the consignment and vintage stores are within walking distance.  We were able to find parking off the main street and it was free for 2 hours.  Even though we shopped for more than 2 hours, there was no ticket on my window.  I call that a plus.  After being enchanted by the clothes at Vicki's Secret, we visited Red Umbrella Consignment (120A Kentucky St., Petaluma, CA, 707-778-3499, www.redumbrellaconsignment.com, redumbrella@sbcglobal.net).  This store reminded me more of a thrift shop, but did have a very large shoe section and very cute jewelry.  It seemed to be a local favorite, as many people were shopping there and prices were inexpensive.

A short walk away was a classic vintage clothing store, Chic-A Boom! Vintage (7 Western Ave., Petaluma, CA, 707-776-4678, ChickaboomVintagePetaluma, ChickaboomVintage@yahoo.com).  I especially liked the 1960's black lace up boots, the Dior velvet robe and their collection of vintage dresses.  There are also rooms in the back to explore, including a room just for men.  Out next stop was a very fun thrift store called Sacks Hospice of Petaluma (128 Liberty St., Petaluma, CA, 707-765-2228, sackspetaluma@sbcglobal.net).  This store has been operating for 29 years and all proceeds go to a very good cause.  Since it's a thrift store, it has a little bit of everything, including clothes, shoes, furniture and vintage glassware.  

By the time we left Sacks Hospice of Petaluma, it was after 2:00 and I had promised to buy Alex lunch.  We usually try to find a hamburger place, but most of the restaurants in Petaluma were closed.  We settled on a Thai restaurant that was going to close in 15 minutes.  But next to that restaurant was Thrifty Hippy (707-765-1752, theazlants@sbcglobal.net), a store I had not even discovered yet.  As a result, we missed lunch, but the visit to Thrifty Hippy was worth it.  As many of you don't know, I grew up in the 1960's and was a hippy myself for a short period of time.  It is by far my favorite era.  Thrifty Hippy not only had a fantastic collection of clothes from the 1960's, but also had an entire room devoted to vintage albums.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

 Petaluma gallery
Vicki's Secret 
 Jan owner of Vicki's Secret
 Back street of Petaluma by the river
 Prada bag at Vicki's Secret
 Louis Vuitton purse at Vicki's Secret
 Black stilettos at Vicki's Secret
 Carolina Herrera cocktail dress at Vicki's Secret
Black leather Chanel heels at Vicki's Secret
 Prada beaded heels at Vicki's Secret
 Black leather heels at Vicki's Secret
 Chanel jacket at Vicki's Secret
Marc Jacob mary janes at Vicki's Secret
 Chanel leather coat at Vicki's Secret
 Pale pink mini skirt at Vicki's Secret
Prada silk skirt at Vicki's Secret
Black Chanel summer dress at Vicki's Secret
 Chanel coat with white flower at Vicki's Secret
 Pastel Chanel sweater at Vicki's Secret
 White sling-backs with chunky heels at Vicki's Secret
 Pearl necklaces at Vicki's Secret
 Pearl chokers & bracelets at Vicki's Secret
Pearl necklaces at Vicki's Secret
 Vicki's Secret
 White satin Oscar de la Renta skirt from sale rack at Vicki's Secret
 Flowing lime-colored jacket at Vicki's Secret
 Louis Vuitton leather jacket with satin collar at Vicki's Secret
 Form-fitting leather jacket at Vicki's Secret
 Cubist leather jacket at Vicki's Secret
D&G animal print summer dress at Vicki's Secret
 Red Umbrella Consignment 
 Carolina Herrera suit at Vicki's Secret
 Red Umbrella Consignment 
Metallic heels at Red Umbrella Consignment 
 Hot black boots at Red Umbrella Consignment 
Little red purse at Red Umbrella Consignment 
Boots & shoes at Red Umbrella Consignment 
 Vintage bracelets at Red Umbrella Consignment 
 Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Window display at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Marissa owner of Chic-A Boom! Vintage
Vintage hats at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Dior velvet robe at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Vintage swim suit ensemble at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Red sueded boots with fringe at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
1960's lace-up black boots at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 1940's lunch date look at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Slip on pumps at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Vintage hats at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 1930-40's black velvet dress with gold trim at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Strapless silver dress with stars at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Black velvet dress with sequined bow at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 1960's red cocktail dress at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 1950's casual Saturday look at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 1940's prom gown at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Wool dress with fur trim at Chic-A Boom! Vintage
 Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Springtime fashion at Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Industrial buckled boots at Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Pink suede boots at Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Faux mink & leather coat at Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Carnival glass set at Sacks Hospice of Petaluma
 Thrifty Hippy
 Vintage rings at Thrifty Hippy
Lace-up suede boots at Thrifty Hippy
 Head scarf with matching purse and boots at Thrifty Hippy
 Lace-up moccasins at Thrifty Hippy
 Thrifty Hippy
 Thrifty Hippy
 Vintage shoes & purses at Thrifty Hippy
Glass shoe display at Thrifty Hippy
Paisley dress at Thrifty Hippy
 Thrifty Hippy
Albums for days at Thrifty Hippy
Plaid mini skirt at Thrifty Hippy
Rings & diamonds at Thrifty Hippy
Embroidered cut-offs at Thrifty Hippy


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