Want to make your very own super easy no-sew stocking? We put together a really simple DIY so that you can make one for your mantle!
What you'll need to make 2 stockings: 
-Half a meter of heavy felt
-Small piece of felt in a different color if you want to jazz it up!
-Hot glue gun

All you do is draw out a basic stocking shape on a piece of the large felt, and then trace a second one. Next cut out a shape for the top of the stocking (we traced half circles using a spool of thread to create a scalloped bottom). Then cut out circles and a small strip for the loop to hang the stocking out of the other color of felt. All you do after you are finished cutting is glue it all together! We started by glueing the circles onto the scallops, then we glued the top of the stocking. Next we sewed on the loop inside the stocking. Lastly we glued the two sides of the stocking together! Simple as that! If you want to sew it rather than glue it, that would work too, but my sewing machine was on the fritz. 
Happy stocking-making!


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