Today we are going to share a fun holiday entertaining idea with a little 1960's twist! Instead of setting up just  regular ol' bar at your next party why not mix it up a bit and make your own egg nog bar?! This would be a great way of giving your Christmas party a bit of a Mad Man feel by showcasing your favorite vintage glasses that you save for special occassions!

All you will need is ground nutemeg, cinnamon sticks, spiced rum or whiskey (whichever you prefer) and of course egg nog! Make sure you have your bar well stocked with a good collection of retro glasses and shot glasses too! I made this little display on a vintage portable teak bar but if you don't have anything like that you could always just set it up on a cute vintage tray on your coffee table or dining room table.

Egg nog not your favorite? Try a hot chocolate bar instead! Mmm...

Have fun mixing!


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