It's Christmas Eve and I just got back from visiting my family who live in the Motherlode (near Yosemite) in Northern California.  Of course my mom, Fran, and I had to visit some of our favorite vintage/consignment stores and found a few new ones too.  We braved the rain on Friday and Saturday to capture images of beautiful vintage and contemporary clothing.  And we also had wonderful coffee and homemade soup at Legends Old Fashioned Soda Fountain (131 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA 209-532-8120,  This wonderful cafe is managed by Debbie Svorinich who not only makes the best coffee, but also makes her own soup, which Fran loved.  It is also a book store that specializes in California history and the gold rush.

Some of the places we visited included: (1) Occasion Station owned by Casie Schornick (157 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA 209-533-2400); (2) Trade Winds managed by Debbie Sholer (63 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA 209-588-8810,; (3) Antiques Etcetera owned by Sheryl Breaux, (18 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA 209-532-9544); (4) 49er Thrift and Gift, (12281 Highway 49, Sonora, CA 209-532-5080) and (5) Jamestown Mercantile, (18255 Main St., Jamestown, CA 209-984-5148,  

Hope that all of you are enjoying a wonderful holiday.  I also want to thank all of you that have been following my blog this year.  I have some fun trips planned already for 2013 in the Bay Area and beyond.  Happy Holidays!

Fran at Legends Old Fashioned Soda Fountain
Debbie Svorinich, manager at Legends Old Fashioned Soda Fountain
Occasion Station
A view of the store at Occasion Station 
Happy shopper modeling her new vintage coat from Occasion Station
 Fran admiring a beautiful gown at Occasion Station

 Faux fur coat at Occasion Station

 Maribu jacket at Occasion Station

 Blue & silver beaded dress at Occasion Station

Purses & shoes display at Occasion Station  

Handcrafted earrings at Occasion Station 

Adorable vintage purse at Occasion Station

 Fran displaying mink jacket at Occasion Station

 Fran displaying white fur jacket at Occasion Station

 Brown & white child's dress at Occasion Station

 Fran displaying plaid poncho at Occasion Station

Fran displaying 1960's cocktail dress at Occasion Station
 Dress form at Occasion Station

 Vintage purse at Occasion Station

 1940's alligator shoes at Occasion Station

 Hot black boots at Occasion Station

 Retro 1920's shoes at Occasion Station (I bought these for $12)
Happy shopper at Occasion Station 
 Fran walking down Washington Street in Sonora, CA

 Vintage suitcases in a storefront in Sonora, CA

 Trade Winds

 Creative holiday window at Trade Winds

Black coat with fur trim at Trade Winds

 Red satin party dress at Trade Winds

 A view of the store at Trade Winds

 Alligator purse at Trade Winds

 Hot black party dress at Trade Winds

 Jean jacket and southwestern style skirt at Trade Winds

 Sales rep in hot pink coat at Trade Winds

 Black 1980's dress at Trade Winds

 Blue wool coat with fur trim at Trade Winds

 Black fur jacket at Trade Winds

 Trade Winds

 Gray fringed scarf at Trade Winds

 Beaded purse & Christmas tree at Trade Winds

 Mink jacket at Trade Winds

 Black 19th century blouse & hats at Antiques Etcetera

Purses & gloves at Antiques Etcetera 

 Vintage hats & red shoe at Antiques Etcetera

 19th century pink party outfit at Antiques Etcetera

 1950's Cinderella shoes at Antiques Etcetera

 Black 1920's or 1930's shoes at Antiques Etcetera
 Vintage hats at Antiques Etcetera

 Ginger Rogers-type party gown at Antiques Etcetera

 Beautiful blue beaded purse at Antiques Etcetera

 Vintage beaded purses under glass at Antiques Etcetera

 49er Thrift & Gift

 A view of the store at 49er Thrift & Gift

 49er Thrift & Gift

 Green necklace ($2) and other trinkets at 49er Thrift & Gift

 Bracelets at 49er Thrift & Gift

 Marcee & yellow beaded purse at 49er Thrift & Gift

 Gold evening bag ($2) at 49er Thrift & Gift

 Gold leather evening bag ($2) at 49er Thrift & Gift
 3-strand necklace ($2) & bracelets at 49er Thrift & Gift
 19th Century dress at Jamestown Mercantile

Retro 19th Century dress at Jamestown Mercantile

 Brown lace-up boots at Jamestown Mercantile

Purse display at Jamestown Mercantile


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