Francoise Hardy was born in Paris and was a popular French singer and actress in the 1960's. You may recognize her from the song "Tous les garcons et les filles" from Moonrise Kingdom. (You know that scene when they are dancing on the beach? That's the one!) If you thought that song was catchy then we definitely recommend you checking out the rest of her albums. She has such a beautiful voice that is so easy and fun to dance to! Not only do we love her voice, but we also can't get enough of her effortless casual 1960's style. I mean with the thick bangs, winged eyeliner, and bold stripes, what's not to love?

A perfect example of her excellent hair.

Such a beautiful candid shot.

We can't decide which look we love more!

Gah! How incredible is this dress!

Francoise, not only are you talented but you're a natural beauty.

all images found via google images.


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