This weekend, I went to my favorite flea market at the Ashby Bart Station in Berkeley (Adeline & Ashby) and on Sunday, traveled over to the Laney Flea Market on 7th Street in downtown Oakland.  Although I went to the Ashby Flea Market on both Saturday and Sunday, I was luckier on Saturday, but unfortunately, I didn't have my camera.  I was able to score a brown suede shirt (Ellen Tracy) and a cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater for $6.  I also admired a 1940's fur coat, but it had a price tag of $350, so I knew that was out.  But since it was at the end of day, the vendor sold it to me for only $5.  I'm definitely not a proponent of fur coats, but this one was in perfect condition and is seriously vintage, so I could not say "no."

I hadn't been to the Laney Flea Market for several years.  I used to go there on Sundays with my friend, Nancy, who loved to pick up odds and ends for her art projects.  It used to be a fun place to go because there were a lot of independent junk-oriented venders with interesting stuff, so there was always a chance of picking up a gem for very little.  How surprised I was to see it now.  It is still big, but mostly with new things or piles of clothes, shoes and purses that need serious time to look over.  It was a disappointment and I doubt I'll go back there.  I did find some couture items, but they had steep price tags for the flea market.  So here are some photos of my trips.

Entrance to Laney Flea Market

Stacks of shoes at Laney Flea Market

There were some cute jackets for only $5

Sgt. Pepper at Laney Flea Market

Gucci Pumps at Laney Flea Market

Gucci casual heels at Laney Flea Market

Gold Chanel shoulder bag for $40 at Laney Flea Market

All clothes here were $1

Piles of clothes at Laney Flea Market

Beautiful silver vintage purse at Laney Flea Market

Cinderella silver heels at Laney Flea Market

Entrance to the Ashby Flea Market

Red, white & blue flats at the the Ashby Flea Market

Colorful handmade purses at the Ashby Flea Market

Purses, hats & pants at the Ashby Flea Market

African masks that should be in the Asian Art Museum in SF

Original handcrafted clothing at the Ashby Flea Market

One vendor who at the Ashby Flea Market every weekend and sometimes has good used clothing

The collective drummers always at the Ashby Flea Market


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