Some people go to honey-baked ham dinners for Easter, but I had dim sum on Clement Street in San Francisco.  I usually go there with my friend Terri who knows exactly what and how much to order.  Most of our delicious dishes had something to do with shrimp.  After a perfect lunch, we got in my car and drove all the way across the city (up & down hills, etc.), to Valencia Street in the Mission District.  Our destination was "Stuff" (150 Valencia St., SF, CA,, a vintage clothing, furniture and art mart.  It had free parking, so I was even more interested in going there.  Of course the very small, city lot was full, but I was lucky enough to find a spot on Valencia Street - usually impossible.

Stuff is in a gorgeous, modern, loft-like building.  The second floor was my favorite since there was so much light and space, showcasing the furniture clothing and art.  Although the clothing was not Stuff's strongpoint, I did manage to capture a few interesting items in photographs.  I did see many things that I wanted to own, most of all a David Hockney poster that was 6 feet tall and costing more than $4,000.  Way way out of my price range.  And the prices - things are not cheap here, but there are still some deals.  Terri found 4 crystal goblets for $20, so check it out.

I also saw another vintage store on this trip called "Clothes Contact" (473 Valencia St., SF, CA) where they sell vintage clothes for $10 a pound.  This store is owned by Retro City which also owns Mars in Berkeley, featured in my first blog.  The displays are really fun and the staff also, plus helpful.  I have included a few highlights.

1960's blue fur/leather coat at Stuff

2nd Floor at Stuff

2nd Floor at Stuff 

Fem Department at Stuff

Gorgeous lace-up boots with red flats & fur purse & turquoise sweater

Cinderella's Slippers

The wooden bar coat at Stuff

Cowboy boots to die for

Terri headed for Clothes Contact

Friendly sales rep at Clothes Contact

A view of the store - I love the Hawaiian shirts

Scarves & Hats display at Clothes Contact

1980's black velvet disco dress

Men's' Chic

Fem Chic


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