In the 1950's laminate was only associated with counter-tops and table-tops. However, as soon as Ralph Wilson Sr. came onto the scene and founded Wilsonart International in 1959, this idea was totally turned upside-down. In fact, he was so passionate about laminate that he even designed and built his house using laminate as one of the primary materials. He constructed his kitchen cabinets, flooring, decorative inlays in the walls, and even his shower entirely from laminate! This was all extremely innovative and ahead of it's time.

The house was build to serve three purposes: first - as his personal residence, second - as a model home for his laminate company, and third - as a place to experiment with new techniques and ideas. Ralph Wilson Sr. died in 1972, and his house was later purchased by Wilsonart International and was restored to it's original 1959 glory.

Here is a closer look inside the legendary Wilson House:

What a spectacular living room.

Isn't that blue flooring such an amazing color? The combination of the laminate floor and brick fireplace is absolutely perfect, and the George Nelson starburst clock is just the icing on the cake!

Here is an example of decorative laminate inlays on the walls. How awesome is that?

I love how all of the furniture compliments the color of the laminate walls and flooring so well! 

Isn't this colorful kitchen absolutely inspiring? Oh, what we wouldn't give to prepare a meal in this beautiful space! 
Look at these cabinets! So vibrant!

Such a simple yet beautiful bedroom. 

All of the rooms of the house flow together so well. This house is seriously perfect.
Mr. Wilson sure had quite an eye for color and design. We raise our glasses to him! Cheers!

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