Hello from Koh Phangan, Thailand! We have spent the last week in total paradise! (in fact it almost pains us to be inside on a computer right now during such gorgeous weather!) We're just popping in to say hello and give you a quick peek into what we've been up to here in Thailand!

We spent the first 2 nights in Bangkok and then the four of us caught a flight to Suratthani and then we took a quick boat ride over to Koh Phangan!

 We are back at Seaflower Resort, which is the same place we stayed at back in October, and it is just as magical as we remembered! Here is one of the beach huts that we're staying in. Pretty dreamy, hey?

 The biggest decision of the day is always what to eat for breakfast... lunch... dinner... snacks... Absolutely everything on the menu is so delicious!

 We've been pretty lazy swinging in our hammocks, reading lots of books, playing games, and just catching up on some much needed rest!

After a long day at the beach our favorite part of the day is heading to Heaven Bar for happy hour!

Sorry this is so short and sweet but the beach is calling to us! We will check in with you guys again soon! 

Lots of love from overseas,
Erin & Stef


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