It's always fun to start a year off on the right foot with goals that you wish to accomplish during the next 365 days. This year we decided to set 12 goals for ourselves/business, which averages out to a new goal every month! Sounds pretty do-able to us! Here they are in no particular order...

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1. Take Olive out of province. When we started our mobile vintage boutique we always had the intention of venturing south of the border with it because there's nothing quiet like a good roadtrip!
2. Go back to Thailand. We had the most phenomenal time when we went there in fall, and we would love to go back this spring/summer, but this time we would take our husbands with us! (They were a little jealous last time, ha)


3. Put our sewing machines to better use. We are slightly embarrassed to admit that we haven't tackled any sewing projects in recent memory. However, this year that will change! We plan on being a lot more motivated and inspired to sew sew sew!
4. Do more collaborations. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with several talented people this year, and it has really opened our eyes to how much we love it and how inspiring it is! We are looking forward to continuing this even more in 2012.
5. Design something exclusively for our online shop. It has always been a dream of ours to create something unique of our very own to sell in our shop. We've already started brainstorming and let's just say that the wheels in our heads are already turning...


6. Learn more about photography. This is something that we find very important and have always wanted to learn more about, so this year we are going to dust off our cameras and start shooting!
7. Give our blog a mini makeover. We have had a very successful year with Oh So Lovely, but it is always fun to change things up and keep them fresh!
8. Jazz up our online shop. Over the last year, the majority of our time has been spent setting up our mobile shop and our brick-and-mortar shop, but now that we have both of those under control we will be able to put more time and effort into our online shop. We can't wait to show you all of the vintage gems we've been collecting!
9. Set-up the children's section in Rhymes With Orange. Is there anything cuter than vintage children's clothes? We can't wait to add this addition to our local boutique!


10.  Tours of our homes. Many of you have asked to see more peeks into our homes and we are planning on posting full home tours in the near future once we finish all the little projects that we have been putting off for months... (I think we all have those!)
11. Get another tattoo. Just because we love cute tattoos.
12. Share about our weddings. We have been meaning to post about our weddings for awhile now, but there are soo many photos to choose from that it makes it hard for us to organize them and narrow them down. So needless to say, you can expect big wedding posts from us in the future! 

What are your goals for the new year?
Stef & Erin


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