Ok friends, it's time for a re-cap. We feel like we haven't shared a whole lot of what's going on with us lately, so here's a little update about our last week or two! Happy Wednesday!

This week started out on a great note when our dear friend Rebecca of Manzanita announced a new design that would be named after yours truly! The Stef & Erin cocktail hat is complete perfection with it's crochet scallops and will be for sale in her lovely shop here soon! More good news, we have decided to partner up with Rebecca to bring her crochet masterpieces to Winnipeg where we will be selling them in our shop, Rhymes With Orange in a few months! 

Next, my sister moved home to Winnipeg! She's been living in Montreal since my wedding a year a half ago and came home for the holidays and just in time for my birthday! We spent the day in December thrifting, eating perogies and going to the video shoot of our friends' band, The Ripperz. We have been fans of them since we were awkward 15 year olds, and like a good wine they just keep getting better with age! Their newly released cd is on high rotation in my home and we highly recommend you go and take a listen!
This photo was taken by Meg at the video shoot and I love everything about it!
We can't wait to do some photo shoots with Megan!

Yesterday we heard some more fantastic news...Mad Men will be supposedly be returning on March 25th and the first episode of season 5 will be directed by none other than Mr Draper himself! We can hardly wait!

Now that we are well into January, shop life is getting back to normal and we finally got around to taking down our aluminum Christmas trees and re-did the front window display!
 However it doesn't feel like mid-January whatsoever seeing as how temperatures are way way way above normal! Normally at this time in Winnipeg we are in a deep freeze and the city slows down to a snails pace because of the extreme cold! Not this year though! Temperatures have been above zero for a good chunk of our Winter and we hope it continues!

What else have we been up to this week? Well, we both painted some rooms in our home in preparation for our home tours that we will be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks! We figured that January is the perfect time to do an overhaul of our houses, and we can't wait to share what we've done! Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of sneak peaks on the blog in the next couple of days!

xo, Erin


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