Now that the holidays are over, we are attempting to get our homes back in order. Aluminum Christmas trees are being packed away and all of those little jobs around the house that we have been putting off for months are finally being tackled. One of our first goals for the new year is to get our homes into tip-top shape so we can share them with you lovelies! We have been looking into some amazing time capsule homes for inspiration from one of our favorite websites, Retro Renovation, hoping to grab a few ideas for our own houses. 

Take a look at these beauties... aren't you just a little bit jealous?

 Pastel colored retro cottage kitchen. Take a closer peek...

Ah! Look at this scalloped range hood! Are you kidding me?!
Still curious about this home? Find more info here.

Check out these pistachio colored cabinets! We're in love!

Rather than getting rid of the old oven altogether, these homeowners turned the oven panel turned into an art piece! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Read more about this minty kitchen here.

Got a spare $849,000 sitting around? Buy this 60's house in New York! It's absolutely insane.

...And last but certainly not least, this 1962 pastel pink kitchen is pretty much my dream come true! 
Can you believe it?!
The perfect oven!
Hopefully one day our houses will be as darling as these homes!
xo Stef


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