Whoa, I can't believe we have been back for a week already! It feels like the time has gone by rather quickly considering I have been spending the majority of it sleeping, ha. This time around the jetlag hit me like a ton of bricks and I just can't keep seem to get my sleep schedule back on track. Well, at least wintertime is for hibernating, right?
Here is some pretty inspiration to warm up this chilly day:
These fabulous glittery tights are a must-have for my holiday wardrobe.

How adorable are these copper lights? Good news, you can make your own at home with this DIY!

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect cheese platter and I believe this may be it.

This week I finally relented and went back to my signature look of black blunt bangs and this photo of the lovely Lea Seydoux was my inspiration. Feels so good to have the fringe back!

Yes. So much yes. Everything about this photo.

Hope you all have a warm & cozy weekend! :)


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