Well, we've somehow been back for almost two weeks already and the cold snap has jolted us back into reality. I'm trying to think warm and happy thoughts, so what better to help with that than think back to our trip? We will be doing a few more trip posts this week so keep an eye out.
My favorite time of the day. Magic hour. That wonderful time of day when your skin feels tight from the sun, the temperature is cooling off slightly, the shops are opening up, and the mojitos are flowing. It's hands down the highlight of my day, every day. I feel completely relaxed and content and almost nothing could possibly make the situation better.

We stayed for a few nights on Khao San Road, and one night it was eerily quiet, with no stalls set up and we still don't know why!

Many books were read by the pool this time around.

Ugh. The food. Not only the delicious Thai food, but we got to try so many new restaurants like Oskar, which our friend Josh recommended to us. I ordered the salmon and it blew my mind into one thousand pieces.

I don't know how they do it. Not only are the cocktails more refreshing and better tasting than most of the ones I drink at home, but they are always so pretty!

Ohhh man, there is nothing quite like a foot massage after a long day of shopping. 

Speaking of relaxing, I did a lot of that. It was a tad overdue I think.

Although we had a fair amount of rain while we were out there, we made sure to maximize any downtime we could by the pool.

I was definitely guilty of drinking many Changs and cocktails, but I did drink water too! Ha.

One of the highlights for me in Bangkok would have to be the rooftop bars. We went and checked out Above 11 and it did not disappoint! We drank champagne and made plans for our business as we looked out over all of the city.

XO, Erin


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