It has been a while since I have written and I apologize for my absence.  I have been doing some home remodeling and it took up more time than I expected.  Instead of spending my weekends in vintage clothing stores, I've been going to hardware stores.  Yesterday, I decided to plunge back into the vintage stream and went to my favorite neighborhood vintage store/museum, the Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles in Berkeley.  It is really an amazing place and has so much to offer - fashion history, fabrics & lace, vintage dresses and art exhibits.  I had such fun filming and browsing in the bookstore.  I really like the old chairs and library tables to take as much time as you want looking at their hundreds of books - and all for sale.

I also saw the art exhibits that are currently there: Smocking Fabric Manipulation and Beyond and Mommy & Me - A Century of Children's Dress.  The Smocking exhibit included both vintage and re-created clothing, hats and purses.  I also had the pleasure of a guided tour by Margaret, who is a volunteer docent.  I really enjoyed it.  Afterwards, I saw Lacis' other exhibit, Mommy & Me.  All the clothing (and mannequins) in this exhibit were vintage from the Victorian era to the 1920's.  Enjoy the tour!

 Welcome to Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles
2982 Adeline St. (at Ashby Ave.)
Berkeley, CA 

Textile & Fashion Library/Bookstore
 Afternoon party dresses
 Bridal gowns
 Doll display

 Amazing lace flower with mannequins
 Lace headdress display
 Vintage hats & gowns
 Hoop skirts

 Lace textile sculpture

 The ultimate wedding gown

 Midi blouses for sale

 Fabric room
 1950's prom dress

 Lace unicorn
 Lace horse & unicorn

 Bridal headdress
 Beaded collars
 Smocking Fabric Manipulation Exhibit at Lacis Museum
3/8/14 to 10/4/14

 Dream dresses from the 1930's

 Retro 19th century dress
 Silk bonnet
 Jam=ne Austin sun hat
 Pleating machine
 Mommy & Me Exhibit at the Lacis Museum
5/3/14 to 9/6/14


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