As all of you fellow Canadians know, tomorrow is Canada Day so we thought it would be fun to share some cute menu ideas for those of you planning on having any barbeques or backyard parties to celebrate Canada's birthday! Here are some delicious food options that we guarantee would be an instant hit with your friends:

A big spread of cured meats & fancy cheeses cheeses. This is a classic option and always a favorite, that also doesn't take too long to throw together.

Tacos are always a hit and fun to make, and this recipe for spicy fish tacos with cabbage slaw looks like it would be an instant crowd pleaser.

If you would rather be grilling up a storm this Canada Day, then pick up some steaks and a nice bottle of red wine, and try out this recipe for skillet steak with caramelized potato gratin with kale salad. My mouth is watering just looking at this delicious spread.

If you wanna take a break from the usual beef burgers and are feeling a bit adventurous then you've gotta try this recipe for pulled lamb burgers! If lamb isn't your thing then pulled pork is always a yummy failsafe option too.

I hope that this gave you a few ideas for fun party snacks and that all of you fellow Canadians have fun celebrating Canada's birthday tomorrow!


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