This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a surprise bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law in my backyard! All of us bridesmaids put our heads together and decided that it might be a fun idea to throw a surprise lingerie shower with close friends on a Saturday night instead of going the more traditional route. The evening was filled with plenty of music, sangria, girl talk and hot-tubbing and we all had the best time! The above photo was taken when Stacey first walked around the corner into my backyard and everyone was waiting to surprise her. (I feel like surprises never work out quite as planned, but this wasn't the case! Thank goodness!)

(Behind-the-scenes shot captured by my brother, Dan.)

Our cozy seating area.
I had posted this photo of the party set-up on my Instagram that night and many of you had questions about my patio furniture so I figured I would fill ya in. I got the grey sectional from Ikea last summer but they were all sold out of the original cushions when I bought it, so instead I picked up these coral/grey cushions from Superstore. The two peach aluminum chairs were from Canadian Tire a few years ago, and they were actually originally a different color I just painted them peach! And finally the two rustic wood tables were actually made by my husband out of salvaged wood he picked up in the country.

 The food spread.
All of the bridesmaids brought a few different appetizers and we were all so worried that there wouldn't be enough food for everyone, but that definitely was not the case! Leftovers are always good too, right?

Pitchers of sangria, bottles of wine and bowls of salt water taffy. Only the necessities. ;)

Hint: all of the bags contain some kind of sassy lingerie.

We definitely took full advantage of the hot tub later on in the evening once the weather cooled off.

 Such a babely bride-to-be.

 I asked my brother to answer some trivia questions about himself that we thought that Stacey should know and then we quizzed her to see how well she knows her man... and let me tell you she sure does. I was very impressed with her extensive Dan-knowledge!

Everything went so smoothly and it was truly a magical evening.

Love you so much, girl!
XO, Stef

P.S. A big thanks to my friend Devon for taking photos and capturing the moments I missed!


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