Photo taken en route to Bali, somewhere over Indonesia.

Well guys, we're back and we've missed you!! It seriously feels like we have been gone forever! Like it's November already? When did that happen?! 

We had a successful trip this time around, despite the fact that both of us caught some mystery flu about a week into our journey. We both had a really high fevers, which is definitely less than ideal when facing 40 degree Celsius temperatures, but we made the best of it and used that as an excuse to catch up on some much needed R&R time. We spent lots of time with our noses in books, sitting by the pool, and drinking refreshing fruit shakes. Of course we also managed to get a lot of shopping done as well... a little cold won't stop us from checking out the markets! This time around we were actually quite responsible with our shopping and bought plenty of weather-appropriate clothing to bring home with us (normally we always stock up on sundresses and tank tops, which are also great but not super useful come Canadian winters, whereas this time around we found ourselves with suitcases full of cute knits! Nicely done.)

Photo taken in Chatuchuk Market in Bangkok. So many incredible plants that I wish I could have taken home with me.

During our trip there was a period of 24 hours where we traveled to 3 different countries: Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. *Whew!* That was a total whirlwind, but we are so glad that we managed to squeeze in a bit of time in each place! I mean, you've gotta take full advantage of your time out there, right?

As fun and exciting as our trip was, we are both really glad to be home again. There's really nothing quite like getting a good nights sleep in your own bed (not to mention we were also really missing our family and friends!) We will be sharing our photos and more in-depth trip details later on this week, but for now we have plenty of unpacking and laundry to deal with! Ta-ta for now!

Happy Sunday lovelies.
XO, Stef & Erin


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