After weeks of thinking about and planning out trip, it was finally time to pack up and head off!

Over the course of 32 hours, we flew from Winnipeg, to Denver, to Tokyo and then finally Bangkok! 

Many margaritas were consumed on this trip, and naturally we started our holidays as soon as we got to the airport in Denver!

Many hours later we arrived in Bangkok, and it's really starting to feel like our home away from home.
We spent almost a week in Bangkok at the beginning of our trip, and then another 5 nights after we went to Bali. We were hoping to do more exploring of the city, but unfortunately we were both under the weather for the majority of the trip. Lucky for us, we know we'll be back again!

The fresh fruit will blow your mind!

We can never get enough fresh watermelon shakes, they're just so delicious and refreshing!

After a few nights of staying out late, meeting new friends and drinking a few buckets, we decided to lay low and rest up by the pool. 

There's nothing quite like a rooftop pool when temperatures are soaring.

Before we knew it, we were hitting up the Chatachak weekend market and literally shopped 'till we dropped. This is one of thousands of shops in the market.

We met a really sweet girl while we were shopping at Siam Square and she took a funny slanted photo of us for her website. 

After many hours of shopping we would grab a shake for the road .

This was the biggest vat of jambalaya that we had ever seen, and it looked amazing!

After a day of shopping, or sitting by the pool we would go out for a walk, grab dinner and a drink or two and sit and people watch.
So many choices!

Gotta stay hydrated! 

After almost a week in Bangkok we packed up our things, took a whirlwind tuk tuk ride on the freeway (!!) to the airport and got on a flight to Kuala Lumpur and then to Bali! More photos to come soon!


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