I don't know about you guys, but I'm always a bit of a sucker for a theme party. I've attended and hosted quite a few in my day, so I am always looking for new or different party ideas. Since the temps started to drop here I have been spending way more time indoors having movie marathons on my couch. Last week I decided to have a Wes Anderson marathon and it made me realize that it doesn't matter how many times I've seen these movies, I still get caught up in all of the eccentric details and elaborate sets. I found myself wishing that I too was living in such a quirky environment when the idea hit me: why not throw a Wes Anderson themed party? How fun would that be?! So I compiled a little list of essential items needed to pull of such an event just in case you too have the same dream:

WEAR: Take a page out of Margot Tenanbaum's book and rock a fur coat and load on the black eyeliner or just keep it simple and throw on some knee socks a la Moonrise Kingdom and a cozy toque like everyone was sporting in the The Life Aquatic.

EAT & DRINK: Get your champagne flutes out of the china cabinet because this event calls for plenty of bubbly and a great option for this is Passion Pop (one of our guilty pleasures as of late.) As far as food goes, just keep it simple with munchies and finger food. Pay homage to Rushmore with mini PB&J sandwiches. (Or try this recipe for grilled crab and shrimp mini sammies!)

HEAR: This is the perfect time to bust out your old turntable and throw on some vinyl. Spin the likes of Francoise Hardy, The Rolling Stones, Sigur Ros, and The Kinks.

PLAY: This is a great excuse to dust off any old board games you have hiding at the back of your closet. Think: Scrabble, Monopoly or maybe even a good old fashioned game of charades.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling, obviously there are many more details you can incorporate into your party to make it even more over the top! Happy party planning! XO


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