On Saturday, in a pouring rainstorm, I drove over the new Bay Bridge to San Francisco to go to the Vintage Fashion Expo.  I took along my best friend, Kat, who has been staying in Berkeley for the past few weeks and Alex, my roommate and video cameraman.  When we got there, it was still raining and we had to make haste from the parking lot to the Expo.  Once inside, we had a little information overload, as there were so many beautiful things to see, touch and buy.  At the first booth, Kat and I bought French combs for our hair and we were given stylish French twists.  This booth also had an amazing bracelet collection that can be seen below.

We had such a good time here and I enjoyed meeting vendors that I have featured in my blogs this year as well as new people that I hope to get to know better.  Here are just some of the vendors I visited: The Bakelite Lady, San Francisco, (415) 282-7642; Chick-A Boom Vintage, 7 Western Ave., Petaluma, CA (707) 776-4678; Shop Donnaland Vintage Variety, (314) 775-3595, donnaland.com; Past Tyme Pleasures 5424 Sunol Blvd., #10-242, Pleasanton, CA (925) 484-6442, pasttyme1@sbcglobal.net; Blue Moon Antiques, (408) 646-2453, petersalvi@yahoo.com, (408) 421-2220, kristensalvi@yahoo.com. Kathy Judkins, (415) 601-5546, kks915@sbcglobal.netand
J. Stavosky Vintage Clothing & Collectibles, (510) 581-2728, jmstavosky@comcast.net

Welcome to the Expo and enjoy the photographs!


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