It was my mom, Fran's, birthday this weekend and I traveled up to Sonora to help her bring in the new year.  I told her that we were doing something special.  We were going to feature Fran and highlights of her HUGE doll collection in this blog.  I know that you won't be disappointed not seeing scenes from vintage stores, because her doll collection is truly amazing.  She has dolls from most eras and and has made sure that each and every one is dressed in the most adorable outfits.

Since Fran is in her golden years (she won't let me say how old/young she is), she wants to part with some of her collection.  I know that some of you out there are doll collectors, too.  Maybe you won't admit it to your friends, but I know that you are out there.  I admit that I have a collection of my own.  I try to keep it in check, but can't always resist an addition to the group.  This weekend, I brought back a Revlon doll dressed in a knitted 1960's mini dress, a 1950's Shirley Temple doll and my Raggedly Ann from my childhood.  I must also say that Fran is not computer friendly, but she does have a phone number and actually answers it and you can also email me and I will pass on the information to Fran.  See our contact information below.  Enjoy!

(209) 532-3985

 1960's doll in lime green dress
 Large dolls with impish faces
 Beautiful designer doll in court dress
 Bear & kitten ready for affection 
 Kens, Kens & more Kens
 Barbies & Kens and a prince thrown in
 Patty Playpal in knit cap
 Beautiful Asian doll
 Here comes the brides
 Skipper in layered tee-shirt and wild pants
 Beauties on the shelf
 Tiny Tears and friends
 Composition doll and friends from the 1950's
 Lenci-type doll and Victorian friend
 Glorious clowns
 Tammy in bell-bottom jumpsuit
 Waving hi
 Lovely Alice
 Pollyanna and her favorite bear
 Revlon girl in knitted mini dress
 Dutch girl
 Alexander in 19th Century dress
 Shirley Temple and friend in straw hat
 Doll peeking out with baby chick
 Terri Lee
 Pin cushion dolls from the 1920's

 Dolls dressed in mid-century dresses
 Spanish ladies
 Storybook dolls
 Patty Playpal in impish hat
 Dressed for success
 Alexander in bright yellow apron and matching hat
 Storybook doll in white lace
 Dolls with attitude
 Fran calls this group "the old ladies"
 Here comes the Crissys
 1950's cutie
 Raggedy Ann wall
 Tiny Tears in frilly bonnet
 The ladies that lunch
 Doll in lovely lacy dress with flower & friend
 Composition baby dolls
 Another lady that lunches
 Lovely girls
 Asian baby dolls
 Japanese beauties
 Hey there
 Rescue doll that Fran has made beautiful
 My childhood dolls
 Baby boys
 Retro Patsy Ann
 The perfect Mary Poppins 
 Ginny in hot pink
 Ginny in 1950's school dress
Wild turkeys sleeping in Fran's trees


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