I have spent the summer settling into our new home which basically consisted of a lot of re-organizing displays and trying to find the proper new home for all of my furniture and knick-knacks. It takes time to figure out exactly how you want to set up your new place, but I'm really starting to feel settled in. I would like to add a bit more color and art to the walls still, but all in all I'm very pleased with the progress. I will be sharing more in-depth room tours and before & after photos in the future once things are more complete, but in the mean time here are some peeks at displays and cozy corners around my new home.

Pyrex and enamelware display on my teak hutch in the dining room.

My vintage turquoise couch & chair set is still my favorite.

I'm still trying to find homes for all of my prints. This peachy one is currently hanging in the office.

So much pyrex, so little time.

Here is a little peek at our kitchen: this renovation was where the majority of our time was spent. My talented husband, Emery, literally tore out the entire old kitchen and built this new one from the ground up. This is my favorite room in the whole house and I absolutely looove how it turned out! More to come on that process later though... 

Words of wisdom hanging in my mint bathroom.

 My big shelving unit found a new home in my office. In my old place I had this unit in the living room but our new living room has a fire place so I moved this baby upstairs! 

We needed a bench for putting on our shoes in the entrance so Emery built this from leftover wood from our kitchen shelves! So good.

That's all for now! I hope that now that fall is here I will have more motivation to finish up the rest of the house! Until then...
XO, Stef


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