I feel like it has been awhile since we talked about what's been going on at our brick-and-mortar vintage shop here in Winnipeg, so here is a little update. Honestly things have been pretty awesome. Sales have been doing great and all-in-all we have had a pretty stress-free summer which we are super thankful for. It has been a busy year so we decided to take as much time off as possible this summer to relax and recharge our batteries. Normally we work together for the majority of the week, but we spent most of the summer working separately so that we could each have more time off which was obviously super great... but by the end I started to really miss working together! It's nice to be back into more of our regular routine now that the weather is cooling off and fall is creeping up on us. It's always more productive (and let's face it, more fun) working together because there are always a million things to do and talk about. (ha!) It's also hard to believe that our trip is just around the corner! T-minus 27 days guys! Wow, that's sure coming up quickly!

We recently changed up our front window displays to make them more "back to school" inspired. This is my favorite time of year to make displays because there are always so many cute props that we can add like a stack of pastel books, vintage thermos', and obviously layers of cute knits! Here is a little peek at our current front windows: (The light was also extra pretty this morning and left some dreamy looking reflections on the windows too!)

Knits with cute collars poking out are fall essentials.

Our home away from home!

Looking for a unique vintage camera bag? We always have a bunch!

If you are ever in town be sure to come visit us! Xo


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