It's crazy to think that Summer is quickly coming to a close, but I can honestly say it's been one of the best and here are a few more instagram photos to prove it!
I got my moped back from my sister's boyfriend Craig, and it's running like a dream! I've been taking it to work to save on parking and I'll be so sad when the riding season comes to an end!

My good friends Sam & Tristan got married this weekend! I probably had the most fun ever next to my own wedding. We ate, we drank, we mingled and we DANCED! I camped out on the yard with a bunch of our friends and it's going to be one of those nights that I remember (for the most part) for ever.

A few weeks back a bunch of our friends spent the day helping them get the yard ready. They had the party inside what used to be Tristan's father's greenhouse, but they spent a lot of time sprucing the place up beforehand. We put a layer of limestone down and packed it, strung up the lights, and moved lots of stuff around. The blisters on my hands were well worth it! The place looked so stunning!
The wedding was on a huge yard and they have sheep, chickens and even a donkey! Rusty & Gobi the donkey. Too cute.

We had a bbq the night before the wedding and i'm pretty sure there's nothing better than corn on the cob on the bbq.

We found this log with convenient branches and I thought it would be great for hanging signs off of!

I spent the day helping set up again the day before the wedding and had the pleasure of making this balloon wall for as a backdrop for the photobooth! I can't wait to see the photos from it!

In other shocking news, my husband Derek surprised me on our anniversary last week and had cut off 3 years worth of hair! He hadn't cut it since our wedding, but our pal Amy over at Freshair gave him a new look and i couldn't love it more! My hair on the other hand looks a little crazy due to the CRAZY rain that poured as the party started. 

There was no shortage of attractive babies and guests!

A small amount of the aftermath. Passion Pop! The life of the party! I drank this a lot when I was in Australia years ago and recently found out that they sell it in Saskachewan! Sam (the bride) has a cousin who brought me a case of it and we drank every last bottle. 

Last week Derek & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and we went to two of our favorite restaurants - Fude for toadstool puff, sangria and chili chocolate chicken skewers and then off to Deseo for more cocktails and food! All of the food was amazing, but unfortunately the night ended early because I came down with a fever, but we had such a lovely time celebrating!

A week or two ago I found a beautiful vintage couch & chair on Kijiji and I had emailed the woman and never heard back. The next day the listing was taken down so I was a little bummed that I didn't snag the beauty. A day later I got an email from a woman and I recognized the name right away - she's a customer at our shop and it turned out that she bought it and her husband hated it so she contacted the woman that listed it for the list of people that had contacted her and I was at the top of the list! Long story short it was meant to be mine and is now sittin' pretty in my completely re-arranged living room (for the second time this Summer!). I will post pictures of it soon I promise!

Our weather has been pretty weird this Summer. It started out super hot in July and then temperatures dropped and it almost felt like Fall was here all too early! That said, we got a heat wave this past week so I packed up my car and headed out to the country with my sister and my friend Janelle who was out from Montreal. We sat by the pool all day and walked around under the almost full moon after stuffing our faces with mexican food and lots of wine at my parents' place. Pretty sure there's nothing better than wandering around in the country during harvest with tight sun-kissed skin, unruly beachy hair and bare feet.

I hope you've had an amazing Summer so far and be sure to soak up what's left of it!

xo, Erin


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