How cute is this mini projector guys?!

It's no secret that we are total suckers for anything with a vintage twist to it, so when we heard that there was a mini projector that could project our Instagram photos like vintage slides onto a wall we were very intrigued. What an interesting concept! We also really liked the idea of being able to share our Instagram photos with our friends without having to always be looking at our phones.

Projecteo was generous enough to send us each our own projector and we each made a reel of our favorite photos and they turned out awesome! The website made it super easy for us to log into our Instagram accounts and select our favorite nine photos and drag them into the reel in whichever order we pleased. So quick and simple! The projector is also so cute and tiny, it is only about two inches big but it still manages to project a clear colorful image. This would make a great gift and it would also be a fantastic way to share some of your favorite photos from a trip or special event! 

photo from the Projecteo blog.

Take a peek at Projecteo's website if you are needing an fun and unique gift idea!
XO, Stef & Erin


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