It's always fun to make a list of resolutions and goals that you wish to accomplish at the start of every new year. That way at the end of the year you have something to look back on and see how much you actually accomplished. We didn't do too bad at knocking a bunch of things off our 2012 goal list though, so here's hoping we get a lot of these things accomplished this year!

Sew more. We have definitely put our sewing machines to better use over the past year but we would still like to make regular habit of it.

Blog makeover. This is long overdue and we have been meaning so this will be one of our top priorieties this year!

Take Olive out more. Last summer we were busy with weddings and family commitments almost every weekend so we had very little time leftover for trailer events. This summer is going to be different though! We can't wait for this snow to melt and to hit the road with our little Olive again!

Share more DIY posts. This is something we have been starting to get into more and more on our blog and we have really been enjoying. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more DIY's in 2013!

Experiment in the kitchen. We have both had a lot of fun trying out new recipes this past year and this is definitely a habit we wish to keep up in the new year (especially since we both got so many amazing new cookbooks for Christmas!)

Make more time for family and friends. Now that our store has been in business for a year and we are getting more comfortable with our new routine, we want to make an effort to spend less time working and more quality time with our loved ones.

Learn some Thai. This is something that we both really want to learn more of since we travel to Thailand at least twice a year for business. It would feel so amazing to be able to learn a new language and be able to efficiently communicate in another country.

Get more tattoos. We have been brainstorming ideas together for the last few months and can't wait to put our ideas into action soon!

Trim the fat. Simplify. It is so easy to get carried away and buy a bunch of stuff that you dont really need, so this is something that we definitely want to get control of this year. We want to make an effort to only buy things that we really need and purge anything in excess.

Spend less, save more. Yes yes yes! I'm sure we aren't alone on this resolution.

Be more organized. This is a major goal for us especially when it comes to organizing our business paperwork. Life is just so much easier when things are properly organized.

Design something exclusively for our online shop. This is a repeat goal from last year because we never got around to it but is still a big dream of ours!!

What about you, what are your goals and resolutions for 2013?

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