Despite the crazy cold temperatures (-40's (Celsius) all week long) we managed to stay warm and have a pretty fantastic past week! Now that things are slowing down a bit after Christmas, we've had a bunch of time off, and have spent it baking, making pots of soup and organizing our homes! Here's a sneak at what we've been up to...

We finally got our front window replaced at the shop, so we had a lot of fun re-doing displays, and jazzing up the shop! We added that white cabinet for our housewares, and just changed everything up, and it feels great!

In other news...

We were over the moon when we got an email from H&M, one of our favorite stores contacted us to be featured on their website! You can read the little blurb over here on their lifestyle section.

Not only were we featured over at H&M this week, but our shop, The Lovely Closet was featured on one of our all time favorite magazine's website-Frankie! You can take a closer look over here!

Also, a few weeks back we booked our flights back to Bangkok for April! 10 more weeks until we leave!
What have you cats been up to lately? 
Erin & Stef


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