It's a very snowy day here in Winnipeg and many other parts for our friends across Canada and South of the border, so what better way to spend part of your cozy Saturday indoors (after you're done shovelling out) than find new shops and blogs to peruse? We hope you enjoy our January sponsors as much as we do!
Hello! My name is Anna. I'm a former middle school teacher turned into an online vintage shop owner so I can stay at home with my two fun, loving, exuberant children. I do what I love and I love what I do. My days are filled with being the best mom and wife I can be to my family while curating my shop. I hope you like what you find!

Hello there! 
 I'm Candy (yes that is my real name) from Oh Summer Candy. I believe in looking fabulous frugally and I am always on the hunt for the perfect price. When I'm not bargain hunting, I like to spend time in the mountains, collect vintage items and documenting my life one photo at a time.

Hi I'm Jess. I run the Etsy store Jessamity and live in the U.S. desert southwest where I comb thrift stores for vintage awesomeness, have fun putting on crazy outfits every morning and love to make things myself. My shop has a fun eclectic mix of vintage clothing and accessories, along with my handmade jewelry and bags. My blog follows my daily pursuits and inspirations with an emphasis on a vintage loving lifestyle, a diy attitude, handmade creativity, and fashion. 

B.a.i.t. is an acronym for "but another innocent tale...". This is the dream and vision of designer Julie Kim created in the Summer of 2011. Our line is vintage inspired in silhouette, but always updated with modern details and color. We created this line to offer styles that are unique, yet affordable for today's modern girl. We take terms like "cute" and "adorable" very seriously. We are crazy for bows and hearts. We love chocolate cupcakes and strawberry milkshakes. We try very hard to always walk on the brighter side of the street. On any given day, we could be blasting old school hip hop or Bach's Cello Suites. Roller Skating and Ping Pong are our most favorite past times. We are a little company that plans to always sell you the prettiest of shoes with the biggest of smiles.

Hello there! My name is Julene, but you can call me Beans. I'm a vintage lover, seller and a professional twirler! ;o) I have a vintage clothing shop on Etsy called Gypsy Plunder. I spend my days hunting for treasures, taking pictures, drinking herbal tea and reading historical fiction novels! Feel free to peruse through all of my findings!

Hey lovelies!  I'm Brandy, the girl behind Bella Pop.  I'm obsessed with all things vintage, bright colors, food and of course taking photos! I used to shoot weddings and now I teach photography classes online to cool kids everywhere.  It's SO much fun!  When I'm not teaching I'm usually thrifting, antiquing, working on our vintage camper (yay!!) making videos with my kitties or other silly things.  At Bella Pop I blog photo tips, pretty pictures and of course my daily shenanigans. So nice to meet you! xo B


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