There are not too many things more sassy than a vintage peignoir set! What's a peignoir set you ask? 
Well, a peignoir is a long outer garment for women which is most likely sheer and made of chiffon or other sheer fabrics. We love the meaning of the word! Peignoir comes from the French word peigner, which means "to comb the hair" which is fitting because they were usually worn while brushing ones hair! Higher end peignoirs were often sold with matching long gloves and stockings and were worn on special occasions like travelling! We completely love the look of these often pastel-colored sets, but can't pick a favorite! Click the links below the photos to get a closer look or to add them to your night-time attire!
Nothing prettier than a classic seafoam one!

Pretty in peach!

Pale mint with a long pink rose.

A stripey soft pink one.

Another light turquoise one, with ruffles of course!

Pretty in pink nightgown.

How about a simple white set?

Last but definitely not least, a sassy coral, almost red one!


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