We're leaving on our trip in 11 days and can hardly wait!
Photo found here.

Came across this poster the other day...now all I have to do is find more wall space...

We're SO happy that New Girl is back on our televisions, and her vintage dress in the season opener was to die for. I mean look at it! It's perfection!
Photo found here.

We love "It Girl Rag Doll" and this outfit is one of the cutest we've seen!

It's a long weekend here in Canada because it's Thanksgiving on Monday! We just want to say how thankful we are for you guys! We would be lost without your faithful following and consistent comments and emails, and we so so so appreciate it! We are very lucky girls and sometimes it's hard not to take it all forgranted! We have loving husbands, amazing family and friends, and an amazing shop! We are truly blessed. Wishing all of you fellow Canadians a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Erin & Stef


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