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My name is Breanne. Canadian. I have a passion for burnt orange and mustard yellow hues, feline critters and fashion. Knee patches, vintage finds and unique printed skirts are what you'll find in my etsy shop.

For Shauna Salazar, an Art Director from Southern California, the inspiration for The Friend Collective was simple. It was every phone call, e-mail, and dinner conversation she'd shared with her circle of friends. Why not start a community blog enriched by that diverse circle--women with different backgrounds, talents, stories, and interests? Thus was born The Friend Collective, the perfect place for these friends to think and laugh out loud, post a recipe or hilarious video, release their frustraations from a long day or a crazy diet. All with that most rare of commodities--sincerity.

Whimy & Juno are Sarah and Lauren, two sisters who share a love of all things crafty, creative and vintage. We recently launched our online shop where we sell all manner of lovely things from stationary, jewellery and knitting patters to craft supplies and vintage finds. We also love meeting new people so we'd love for you to drop by our blog sometime and say hi!

Hi I'm Jess. I run the Etsy store Jessamity and live in the U.S. desert southwest where I comb thrift stores for vintage awesomeness, have fun putting on crazy outfits every morning and love to make things myself. My shop has a fun eclectic mix of vintage clothing and accessories, along with my handmade jewelry and bags. My blog follows my daily pursuits and inspirations with an emphassis on a vintage loving lifestyle, a diy attitude, handmade creativity, and fashion.

Hi, I'm Allison of Thrifted. As you may have guessed, I love thrift shopping. When I'm not searching for my next great thrift store find, I'm working on a DIY project, baking, or taking photos. I hope you'll come and visit my blog!

SHOP // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM: sorrythankyou79
Hello! I'm Andrea and I love vintage ANYTHING, but especially books! I have always enjoyed reading and decorating vintage books--and I wanted to be able to share that with others. Sorrythankyou79 is my outlet for creativity and fun. I love shopping for vintage and retro finds, and I have a book obsession--so etsy allows me to do what I love (yard sale, flea market, bargain hunt) while having an outlet to sell when my collectionsget a little too crazy! I am constantly adding to my shop--rare books, colored book bundles and all manners of vintage greatness.

Hello! I'm Karen. I live with fellow treasure hunter Andy and our dog Lucy on a lake in Michigan. I sell vintage clothing and my obsessions include: plaid, classic cocktails, Scotland, books, and black coffee.

Hello there! My name is Julene, but you can call me Beans. I'm a vintage lover, seller and a professional twirler! ;o) I have  vintage clothing shop on Etsy called Gypsy Plunder. I spend my days hunting for treasures, taking pictures, drinking herba tea and reading historical fiction novels! Feel free to peruse through all of my findings!

Standard Vintage is an online vintage boutique that curates and specializes in Japanese vintage clothing dating from the 1950's to the 1980's. It is committed to sharing and connecting people with vintage fashion they love, ranging from funky casual to high fashion especially for modern women. Every piece is unique and carefully handpicked by its founder, Andy Chow, who is also an architectural designer.

Greetings everyone from Swan Song Vintage! I'm Suzanne, a fellow vintage enthusiast. Hope you'll stop by my Etsy shop and check out some sweet vintage clothing and accessories!


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