You may remember that a little while ago we made a Pyrex Pattern Identification Guide, but we obviously didn't come close to covering every pattern out there, so today we figured that we would try to fill you in on a few more cute prints! So without further ado, here is the second part of our guide to knowing what's on your pyrex for your educational enjoyment:

1. "Autumn Harvest."
Colors: found in several rust tones.
Introduced in 1979.

2. "Crazy Daisy."
Colors: also found in avocado green on white.
Introduced in the 1960's.
Often confused with the "Spring Blossom" pattern.

3. "Constellation."
Colors: found in yellow on white.
Introduced in 1959 as a promotional item.

4. "Woodland."
Colors: found in shades of brown.
Introduced in the 1960's.

5. "Balloon." Cinderella bowls.
Colors: found in turquoise. Used for chip & dip sets.
Introduced in 1958.

6. "Black Tulip."
Colors: found in black and white.
Introduced as a promotional item over Christmas in 1957.

7. "Bride's Casserole."
Colors: white and pale green.
Introduced as a promotional item in 1961.

8. "Town and Country."
Colors: found in several color combinations.
Introduced in 1964.

9. "Verde."
This pattern is found on lids. Bases and bowls are solid colored.
Introduced in the 1960's.

10. "Forest Fancies."
Colors: shades of dark and light brown.
Introduced in 1981.

There are still so many other cute pyrex patterns out there, so who knows, we may be making a part 3 in the future...


Information sources: "Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide" by Barbara E. Mauzy 

First image source found here and all the rest were found via google images.


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