Then you will love...
The Apartment (1960) stars Shirley MacLaine, Jack Lemmon, & Fred MacMurray and focuses around the interoffice politics and relationships that take place during (and after) work hours. The men are very Don Draper-esque and the women are secretaries that give us a Joan or Peggy vibe. You can seriously see where the makers of Mad Men got their inspiration from!

The film is set in 1959 and takes place in a massive office building with tons of mid-century furniture to drool over. Now if only it was in color so we could see what that couch and those chairs really looked like...

Both leading ladies are cute as buttons! We especially love Shirley  MacLaine 's adorable pixie cut!

The movie is packed full of drama, romance, and laughs, so if you haven't already seen it, we highly recommend it! The Mad Men fanatic inside of you will thank us.

all images were taken as screen shots from the film.


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