This weekend, I investigated 2 shops in my neighborhood that I've wanted to check out for a long time.  The first is Down At Lulu's Vintage Boutique & Hair Salon (6603 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA).  It is pink and colorful and lures vintage clothing shoppers in with its rack of interesting clothes out front and its rainbow in the window.  Inside, there are many beautiful things to see, including shoes, purses, dresses from all eras and displays on the wall.  In the back, is a hair salon with heart-shaped mirrors.  Prices are right at this vintage store with most items under $50.  Check them out on Facebook.

Also in this photo journey, is a trip to Out Of the Closet (1600 University Ave., Berkeley, CA), a thrift shop that donates its proceeds to AIDS and HIV research.  It has very inexpensive clothes for both men and women as well as furniture, books, etc.  I even saw clothes for as low as $.50.  Check it out and remember, buying something at Out Of the Closet goes to a good cause.

Sidewalk sign at Lulu's

Rainbow & colorful clothes at Lulu's

Shoe salon at Lulu's next to vintage golden lamp

Lulu's Hair Salon

I love the heart-shaped mirrors at Lulu's salon

Boots & jackets & vintage albums at Lulu's

Gold purse collection & admirers at Lulu's

1930's & 1940's dresses & boots at Lulu's

Wall of purses at Lulu's

Friendly sales staff at Lulu's

Vintage 1970's platform heels at Lulu's

Christian Dior blazer at Lulu's

Vintage 1960's dinner jacket at Lulu's

Out of the Closet Thrift Shop on University Ave. in Berkeley

Out of the Closet entrance

Trench coat welcoming shoppers to Out of the Closet

Clothes, furniture, etc. at Out of the Closet

$1 rack at Out of the Closet

vintage Gap jacket 

Vintage Christian Dior dressing gown for $.50 at Out of the Closet

Just for lounging around


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