Holy moly, it's September- my favorite month of the year! I can't believe how quickly this Summer passed me by, and to think, I only made it to the beach once! I spent 95% of my time working which is kind of a bummer, but I've managed to pay off a huge chunk of my debt and it feels really great. Here's a look at what I've been up to besides work...
 After months of living in the studio, I finally found time to hang some things on the wall. This is in the entrance and that rack from Ikea really completes the space I think.

Slowly things are coming together in the studio.

I scored this bad boy at a thrift store at the beginning of Summer, and finally had the chance to hang it up.

A few weeks ago I got new Grundig speakers and finally had time to set them up and I've been listening to a lot of Ella ever since.

While Ryan was away in Minneapolis this past week I took care of his cat Princess Cardamom. She spent most of the time just like this. Ha.

I finally finished painting the studio, particularly the bedroom! Stef and I picked a pale peachy-pink color and at first it looked a little nursery-like, but after my sister and I painted the ceiling white (and drank a few glasses of wine) the color really grew on me. Obviously cranking the Judds in the background helped.

I went to Grand Forks with my mom, grandma and aunt last week and got this sweet little Orla Kiely make up bag. It instantly made me want to start packing for mine and Stef's trip in October!

oh hi!

My sister and I are starting a catering company and our first gig is this weekend for 50 people the day after their wedding! We've been hanging out in her porch and her kitchen, menu-planning and making shopping lists all week long, and I'm really excited to see how things turn out on Saturday. Wish us luck!

Yesterday I spent my day off in the country at my parents' place and I was feeling crafty, so I bust out this sweatshirt. I think it's going to quickly become a staple in my Fall wardrobe. I did have a lot of feedback about it, so I might make some to sell! Keep an eye out on my Instagram

XO, Erin


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