I'm so glad that a few of you have checked out the blog I posted last night.  It was all about my trip to Treasure Island yesterday.  My first draft was very informative and newsy, but unfortunately it failed and I had to start over.  One thing that I left out was to let you know about another great upcoming flea market in Oakland that will be happening this coming weekend.  It is hosted by clothing designer and vintage clothing dealer, Janey Rose/The Window Lady.  I love the location because it is in an offbeat section of Oakland that few outsiders ever go to.  It's easy to find and right on the Oakland marina.  It has a small community of artists, musicians and others who live there, including a cafe to get lunch.  Janey has a huge collection of vintage clothes, purse, shoes, hats, etc. as well clothing she has designed.  I especially liked her evening wrap made out of elbow-length opera gloves.

I featured some photos of Janey and her partner and their beautiful clothes on my blog yesterday.  Look for the vintage bargain bus and you'll be there.  I not only wanted to give credit to Janey for her amazing space at Treasure Island, but also to promote her flea market (First Saturday at 5th ave. marina) in the Oakland marina this weekend (499 Embarcadero East, Oakland, CA).  Check it out!  Toni


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