All summer, I've been wanting to visit an amazing vintage store in my Telegraph Avenue neighborhood, Mars.  Since summer is almost over, I visited Mars today and enjoyed it so much.  I walked over along Telegraph Avenue and took some photos of the neighborhood's landmark stores and cafes and the UC Berkeley campus, which was hosting 2 dance parties.

Mars is an amazing store because it is strictly vintage.  It attracts students, tourists and of course, local shoppers.  The women's department is upstairs.  There is a huge shoe selection with boots and shoes from many eras.  There is one entire wall with nothing but vintage blouses.  And the dress area is separated according to eras and skirts, pants, etc.  There is also a rack of world dresses that I particularly liked.

It was hard to tear myself away from Mars, but I had to say goodbye - like saying goodbye to summer.  Next door, was a hidden vintage watch shop, Studio 6, owned and operated by Russell who showed me many interesting items, such as the talking Mickey Mouse watch and the vintage poor man's Rolex that he's selling for $700.  He even offered to clean and repair a vintage watch of mine that I plan to take in soon.  From Studio 6, I walked down Telegraph to the UC Berkeley campus and found a large group of students taking a dance class and another group doing the Lindy.  School is in full swing.  My last stop was at the other end of the Avenue and is one that I wanted to share.  It is not your typical vintage store, but has some very hip, modern shoes and dresses and also recycled clothes at a very good price.  That hidden gem is The Dark Entry.  I hope you will check out all of these stores the next time you visit Berkeley.  Enjoy!

 Walking down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley
 One of the oldest health food stores on the Avenue
 Caffe Mediterranean - hot spot of the 1960's
 Amoeba Records

 Rasputin Music
2398 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA
 A view of the store
 Hat rack at Mars
 Hats & scarves
 Fur hats
 Mens's shoes
 Rack of jackets

 Women's Dept. upstairs
 Maxi dresses
 White Kelly-esque purse
 More vintage purses

 Summer hats
 Vintage blouses

 Vintage opera cape

 Shoes, shoes & more shoes
 Hot winter boots

 Silver leather tap shoes

 Bathing suits

 Brown velvet 1950's dress
 1960's prom dress
 Summer afternoon party dress
 Jackie O floating in space

 Velvet cocktail dress

 1980's disco dress
 1960's micro mini skirt
 Multi-colored leather mini

 Colorful dress from the World rack

 Rabbit fur cape

 Studio 6
2390 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 
 A view of the store
 Russell owner of Studio 6

 Vintage Mickey Mouse watch
 Talking Mickey Mouse watch
 Vintage Rolex - The poor man's Rolex
 Tie dye on Telegraph Avenue
 Robin Williams tribute by local street artist
 Dancing the Lindy on UC Berkeley campus
 UC Berkeley
 The Dark Entry
2589 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA  
 Linda, owner of The Dark Entry
 A view of the store
 Platform winter boots

 Colorful wigs

 Little black dress

 Hip shoes for men

 Mini skirt and red top
 Cowboy/cowgirl boots
 Masks for Halloween
Cinderella slippers


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