We have some exciting news to share with you guys today...  You are now looking at our new studio space!!!
We are so pleased to announce that we finally found a studio space that is perfect for us that just so happens to be located in the same building as our shop! The above picture is just the 'before' photo because we don't actually get possession of the space until the middle of the month, but we were too excited to keep it a secret any longer! We have already been scheming and dreaming up decorating and design ideas for the studio and will be sure to document the whole makeover process with plenty of progress and inspiration photos!

The reason we have been in the market for a studio space is because we have really been wanting to expand our online shop into something more than just an Instagram "shop our closet" type of thing so we needed a bigger space with better light to take photos. In the past we have just taken photos in our shop but this has always proved to be a bit challenging because of all the inventory that we already have in there, so we wanted sort of a blank canvas to start fresh.

We are also really excited for this new space because now we will have a designated area where we can work on blog post DIY's and recipes (did we mention that the studio also comes with a kitchen?! We are really excited about that!) Over the past couple of years our brick-and-mortar shop has been our primary focus but this year we really want to bring our focus back to our blog and our online presence, and we think that having a separate space to work on those things is the perfect motivator.

Eee! We're so excited!! Well, that's all we have for now but be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more progress updates and photos!

Hope you're all having an excellent Monday!
XO, Stef & Erin


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