I can't believe that Christmas is 2 weeks away! Things have been pretty busy around these parts, but I've managed to get a lot of relaxing squeezed in. What have you cats been up to?
Sometimes you have to go to your parents' house, soak in their tub and drink your dad's nicest wine.

Drinking apple cider and reading go hand in hand, and i've been doing lots of both.

There's no shortage of snow here in Winnipeg!

A few weeks ago I decided it was finally time, to stop saying and start doing. So, I went to see my good pal Amy at Freshair Boutique here in Winnipeg, and chopped off most of my hair. I am definitely a short-haired girl at heart and couldn't be happier with my new 'do!

I've been doing a lot of cooking, and this means many trips to my go-to asian grocery store - Dong Thai.

Seeing as how I've been hibernating as of late, that means lots of cleaning/purging/re-arranging around the house. 

I've had many cozy nights in to myself with big glasses of wine and good movies.

I spent the day at my mom's house baking up a storm last week. Lucky for me I got a gym membership last week to even out all of the cookie eating I've been doing!

I hope your days have been cozy and relaxing in the weeks leading up to Christmas!
xo, Erin


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