I was out at my favorite Bay Area flea market (Alameda Antique Fair) today looking for bargain gifts.  It was very crowded with shoppers looking for holiday gifts that you cannot find in a box store or mall.  There was something for everyone.  I decided to take photos of items that were $25 and under.  Anyone who's been to the Alameda Antique Fair knows that is a challenge.  But what a surprise - there were many interesting things in that price range.  I also included some vintage clothing that wasn't, but thought you would like to see them.  The huge vintage clothing stall shown below had everything under $25, including cool jackets, pants and shirts.  It was impressive.  Happy holidays and enjoy my visit to the Alameda Antique Fair.

 Standing in line

 Taking a break at the food trucks

 $25 and under
 $25 and under

 This gorgeous purse was $25

This vintage Coach briefcase was NOT $25 but wanted to include it anyway


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