Since visiting the Treasure Island Flea Market ( on beautiful Treasure Island a few months ago, I was asked by Angie, who runs the market, to return.  (It is open during the last weekend of every month.)  So yesterday I battled the horrible Bay Bridge traffic and drove back to Treasure Island.  Once off the crowded bridge, I felt instant enjoyment in seeing the beautiful scenery along the one-lane road, the bay and a view of San Francisco that looks like a post card.  As you drive to the flea market, you pass a small marina and a winery and you don't have to worry about getting lost because there are people with brightly colored flags pointing the direction to the parking lot.  You can also get there by bus, so if you're in the city, it's better to take public transportation.  The bus stop is about the same distance as the parking lot.

One thing I noticed during my second visit is that there were more people visiting and selling.  It seemed a lot larger.  There were a variety of things to buy, but mostly antiques and vintage clothes.  There were some vendors selling handmade items, such as artist Heather Jacks (The Noise Beneath the Apple,, 310-403-1828) who makes purses and pillows out of vintage album covers and cds. She is also a music journalists.  Below is a photo of a Sonny and Cher purse that I particularly liked.  I also liked the modern designs of Crayola Sisters (California Mart, 110 E. 9th St., A279, Los Angeles, CA, 213-688-9692) who's clothing fuses styles of past eras with the contemporary.

I also photographed some very gorgeous vintage clothes, including dresses, coats, shoes and purses.  Some of the vendors were new to me, while others I have seen a few times before, such as Lisa Stiles-Holmes who has Have Pitty? Vintage Fashion With Compassion (916-835-6584).  Lisa not only has the most beautiful clothing, including vintage Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits that I have featured in past blogs, but she also donates a portion of the proceeds of her sales to animals in need.  This time, she included a $5 sales rack where I found a pin-striped Italian skirt that my mannequin is modeling below.

Three other vendors from Treasure Island who I'm featuring here are (1) Designer Alexandria Vaun (,, 510-709-9749) who had the most beautiful full length, faux fur coat and fur vest; (2) C & M Vintage Pros (408-691-5741, who had vintage fur and wool coats, Ferragamo shoes and capes and (3) Reminisce Vintage owned by Monica Gomez (, 408-329-3332).  At Reminisce Vintage, I bought a vintage Coach purse for only $35.

On my way home, I stopped by my local flea market at the Ashby bart station in Berkeley (Adeline St. at the corner of Ashby Ave.) and visited Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique owned by Sharon and George Holland Jr. (, http//, 510-417-0727).  Sharon and George have designer handbags, including a collection of Louis Vuitton purses, wallets and luggage, a massive amount of other purses at varying prices and designer shoes. They are only at the Ashby Flea Market on  Saturdays and are in the first row, so check them out next time you are there.

 Treasure Island Flea Market
 Burning Man sculpture at Treasure Island Flea Market
 Pooch Pit Stop at Treasure Island Flea Market
 Something vintage for everyone at C & M Vintage Pros
 Zebra jacket from C & M Vintage Pros
 Boots for Fall from C & M Vintage Pros
 Ferragamo shoes ($40) from C & M Vintage Pros
 Vinage shoes from C & M Vintage Pros
 Fur coats from C & M Vintage Pros
 Capes from C & M Vintage Pros
 1940's red wool coat trimmed in fur from C & M Vintage Pros
 Colorful bracelets
 Vintage hats
 Evening wear from Crayola Sisters
 Sweater & skirt outfit from Crayola Sisters
 Olive green leather jacket from Crayola Sisters
 Dress with red rose sleeves from Crayola Sisters
 Vest & skirt from Crayola Sisters
 Gold leather purse from Alexandria Vaun
 Black faux fur coat from Alexandria Vaun
 Fur vest from Alexandria Vaun
 Hats & bangles
 Patch-work 1960's leather blazer
 Flipping clown entertaining shoppers at the Treasure Island Flea Market

 Vintage Coach purse ($35) from Reminisce Vintage
 Vintage purses from Reminisce Vintage
 Leather necklace from Reminisce Vintage
 Monica Gomez & friend from Reminisce Vintage
 Coach briefcase ($60)
Gucci double-breasted suit
 Christian Dior jacket
 Hand painted cabinet
Perfume bottles

Shoe Mart

1950's leather coat with fur collar

1940's green dress from Have Pitty?

Owners of Have Pitty?

Lace-up boots & Go-go boots from Have Pitty?

Black drop-waist dress from Have Pitty?

Salmon-colored suit with black fur collar from Have Pitty?

 1960's leather cape
 Sonny & Cher purse created by Heather Jacks, The Noise Beneath the Apple
Artist Heather Jacks from The Noise Beneath the Apple

 Hawaiian food truck where I had the best chicken taco for only $5
 1940's wool dress trimmed in mink
 Leopard jacket
A view of the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island
 A view of San Francisco from Treasure Island
 Ashby Flea Market at the Ashby bart station in Berkeley
Weekend drummers at the Ashby Flea Market
 Louis Vuitton purse collection from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
 Designer shoes from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
 Purses from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
 Vintage alligator purse from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
 Purses from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
 Cute clutch purse from Beauties & Bow Ties Boutique
My mannequin wearing Italian pin-striped skirt from Have Pitty?


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