Today is the day where we get to take a moment and tell our mom's how great they are! We should tell them every day, but today we're sending them extra love! We realize that it will sound cliche, but we honestly think that we have the greatest moms on the planet! The older we get, the more we learn to respect and appreciate our mothers and all that they have done for us over the years! Not only did they survive the horrid teen years with us, we now consider them our friends! We are so so so lucky!
Especially in the last year or two, as we have attempted to follow our dreams of opening a shop, our moms have been our number one fans, and we know that we can always run to them for a shoulder to cry on, marriage advice, or a guaranteed laugh and pick me up. It's really comforting knowing that our moms will always have our backs, and we know we're extremely blessed. So, thanks to our moms as well as our amazing mother-in-laws...we love you guys to the moon!
And to all the other moms out there, you are wonderful!


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