Ok, here is part 2 (of 3) of our Thailand holiday! In part one, we left off in Bangkok, where we then caught a quick one hour flight to the island of Ko Samui. Once on Ko Samui, we hopped on an even shorter ferry over to Samui's smaller sister island-Ko Pha Ngan! I (Erin here) have done the trip from Bangkok to this island many times over the past seven years, but normally I would take an overnight bus and then a 3-4 hour boat ride, so the fact that we could fly made me the happiest camper ever! When we got to Ko Pha Ngan, we made a bee line straight to Seaflower Resorts, my go-to island home away from home...
The gardens at Seaflower and the beautiful scenery on the island took our breath away!
This is Heaven Bar. 
We spent a substantial amount of time here, mostly around 5pm for happy hour to watch the beautiful sunsets and listen to the cicadas!
This was our home away from home for the few nights that we spent on the island. Hut #17, a quick 30 second walk from the beach! Each hut at Seaflower comes complete with a porch and a hammock! We splurged and got a room with air conditioning. For those of you wondering how much a place like this costs for a night, it comes to about $25 a night, but without air conditioning you can stay for $10-$15 a night for a room (not per person!)
This was our view on a daily basis. We were SO lucky!
This is a typical path to your hut! Dreamy right?
Naturally we stopped for a photo...
We spent a lot of time swinging in our hammocks...did we tell you that even the restaurant has hammocks?  True story.
We did a lot of reading in said hammocks.
We made some new friends!
It was the beginning of monsoon season which means low season for tourists, so lucky for us we had perfect weather and the resort, as well as the beach to ourselves!

Literally the biggest question of every single day spent at Seaflower was, 
"What should we eat for lunch?" 
This was one dish we could eat over and over again...It's fried basil with chicken and cashews. (Chased by a Chang-a-rang.)

After the wonderful days spent power-tanning on the beach we would come in, sweep the sand off of our feet, take a cold shower and put on a new dress and mosey on over to Heaven bar for a mint julip or a mojito, and that would be followed by dinner on the beach!
It was Stef's first time in Thailand so we had to get at least one bucket! For those of you who are wondering what's in a bucket, it's simple. Rum, a can of Thai redbull, and a can of coke. Or some other similar concotion. Lethal...

The perfect spot to leave a dress to dry...
Next we were off to Thongsala (the main town on the island) for a night out before catching a boat back to Ko Samui! Stay tuned for more!


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