We love these images that General Electric released as a series of ads for their new line of "New Departure Ball Bearings"! 
In these ads, "potential products of the near future were made possible by New Departure. The future was a utopia of easy to use products/services that made "modern" life a breeze."
A week's shopping in minutes! And you haven't moved from your car! It's that simple in the drive-in of tomorrow!
Maybe it's hard to imagine a home laundry that washes, dries, irons, folds.
But it's harder to imagine this wonder-or any other- working without ball bearings....New Departures.

Even Paul Bunyan can't match the pace of this "automatic lumberjack" of the future. It fells, sections, and loads trees - all at the push of a button.

Tomorrow: Breads and pastries...mixed, baked, sliced, wrapped at your door.
When? 1960? Could be. But, one thing is sure. Then, as now, New Departure Ball Bearings will reduce costs by simplifying machine designs.

Tomorrow: You dictate! The machine types and hustles your letters to the mail. Electronics does it all!

Set the table...then set the dial! Future meals could be as easy as that with miracle meal-getter. And, maybe tomorrow it will be a reality?

Tomorrow: Get your travel information, accommodations and tickets in an instant-electronically!

Tomorrow: Use no hands! For in this magic warehouse, orders fill themselves electronically!


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