Erin and I spent the day yesterday moving all of our stock into our new store, and let's just say that it is looking INCREDIBLE in there!!! The store is really starting to take form! All of the racks and shelves look so amazing packed full of vintage dresses, cute radios, and other exciting treasures! It was definitely a big job but thankfully we had many sets of hands helping us, courtesy of our lovely family and friends! We couldn't have done it without you guys!

So now that we have the big moving day successfully behind us, we can start focusing on setting up the store and designing the displays (which just happens to be our favorite part!) This also means that we will be starting to plan our grand opening party and beginning the hunt for the perfect party dresses to wear to the opening! We did a little online browsing and here are a few gems that we found on Etsy that we would love to wear for the big day:

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