Hello friends! I just returned from a little desert vacation and thought it would be fun to share a few photos I snapped during my trip! So without further adieu...

Before I left, I eagerly packed my retro floral suitcase full of a few pretty dresses, my vintage bathing suit, a couple books that I borrowed from the lovely Erin, and some new magazines and hit the road!

Once Emery and I arrived to Arizona we met up with my little bro, Dan, and his girlfriend, Stacey at my parents place! We hung out there for a few days and then we hit the road together to go on a mini Vegas vacation! Woo-hoo! Emery and I had never been to Vegas before so we were super excited to see the strip!

On the way we stopped off at the Hoover Dam!
It's pretty wild to see such significant American monument.

Soon we arrived in Vegas, baby! Yay!
We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel... complete with a flamingo exibit! How perfect.

Once we got settled into our hotel, we got ready for a night on the town! I wore my favorite
60's floral tiki dress!

Apparently group shots are tricky...

We sat outside on a patio at a French restaurant and drank wine and ate bread and cheese! Mmm... my favorite! Then we went for a walk down the strip and Dan & Stacey showed us some of the highlights!

Along the way I just had  to stop at one of the casinos and try my luck at one of the slot machines! So I decided to put in $5 and I ended up with $7.50! Woo! Big winnings! Haha! That was good enough for me... I didn't wanna try to push my luck any further! It was the perfect end to a lovely evening.

The following day we mostly just relaxed poolside and read our books and magazines. It's great to just have lazy days and enjoy the weather! Then, in the evening, we got all dolled up and ready for our second stint of the Vegas nightlife!

I wore a baby blue dress that I bought at local boutique here in Winnipeg called Para Mix (where I used to work!) We made a quick visit to the flamingos in the hotel courtyard before we began our night!

If you're in Las Vegas it's pretty much mandatory to go see a show, so since Emery is such a huge animal lover we decided to hit up a magic show complete with numerous different types of tigers! Needless to say he was super into it! After that we went for a lovely dinner inside the Venetian Hotel.

After dinner we ventured off of the strip to a little tiki bar that I had read about and had been dying to check out! It was called Frankie's Tiki Room and it was done up in authentic 1960's tiki bar decor! It totally blew my mind! The atmosphere was amazing and the fruity tropical drinks were even better! It even had a fun little game at the back of the bar that apparently predicted what your secret vice was by testing your grip... I suppose I'm super-human because I got the top score saying: You are without a vice. Woo!

After our whirlwind 2 days in Las Vegas we began our drive back to my parents place. On the way back through the desert we came across an abandoned ghost town somewhere in Arizona called "Nothing". It looked a little bleak... ha. There was another sign beside this one that read "Population: 4" Hmmm.... wonder where?

Once we were back safe and sound in Mesa we squeezed in a quick shopping trip to some of my favorite vintage shops! I managed to do a little bit of damage there... but I don't think that surprises anyone! ;) What a lovely ending to an exciting trip!



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