Hey lovelies, it's Stef! Right now my flight has landed and I am enjoying a little slice of paradise at my parents' place in Arizona! I know a lot of you might not think that Arizona sounds that exotic, but when you're from Winnipeg and you get the opportunity to travel to a land where grapefruits grow on trees, you will understand why this place seems so magical to me! Ha. You can't argue with freshly squeezed juice every morning for breakfast!

Now, part of the fun of any trip is planning what you're going to pack and what you're not going to pack, you know, to insure that you have enough room for all of the new purchases that you're inevitably going to make while you're away! So I had a little bit of fun and made my dream packing list... some of which I already own... and some of it I only wish I did...*sigh*

(clockwise from top left)

Lots of love from down south!
Stef  xo


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