Well, every year we put together a wishlist before our birthdays and Christmas- you know, for those clueless ones in your life ;) and this week I finally finished mine. This week not only did I quit my job at Market Burger, Stef and I are closing the shop down, and I am turning 30! It's a week that I'm sure I won't forget, but am also kind of excited to get over with! I think I may ring in the new year doing a little online shopping...

You can shop these items here:
One - Sweater
Two - Earrings
Five - Chandelier
Six - Purse
Seven - Black boots
Eleven - Jacket
Thirteen - Slippers

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  1. On the urban decay de slick watched your review they may have originally made it with parabens but they do not have them any more just wanted to send you an FYI in case you stopped using it because of that.
    Thanks for posting makes a difference appreciate it.